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by admin | Last Updated: September 25, 2020

What do fleas look like? (19 Pictures of Fleas & Their Eggs!)

Want to know what fleas look like up close?

Well, you’re in the right place!

In this Pest Strategies guide we showcase 19 different close up pictures and videos of fleas.

From wall climbing to comparisons, this guide should help you identify if you have a flea problem or not.

If you find that you Do have a flea problem, we recommend checking out our complete guide to get rid of fleas.

Ready to get into the pictures?

Let’s go!

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19 of the Best Pictures of Fleas On The Internet

Are you ready to dig in? Let’s have a look at what fleas look like!

1. For picture #1 we have simple picture showing a flea on a white background.

2. The next picture is of 2 adult cat fleas. Surprisingly, there are slight differences between cat and dog fleas (as well as human fleas). Regardless of the type you have, they’re all treated in relatively the same way.

Credit: Ralph Williams, Purdue University

3. This is a closeup image of a dead flea on a man’s thumbnail. This picture really gives you a goof frame of reference of the size of a flea.

4. Here you can see a closeup of a flea on a hairy hand of a man. You can see how the hair follicles compare to the size of a flea.

5. The next image a really high resolution photo of a flea sucking blood.

6. The next image is of three fleas burrowed in a dog’s fur coat.

7. Here we have a nice comparison of the size of a flea.

Credit: Village Veterinary Clinic of Hamburg

8. Here’s a picture of a bunch of fleas clumped together at the base of a dog’s coat.

9. In this image, a flea is crawling around a man’s arm.

10. Although this isn’t a “picture” per se, we thought including this video gives you a good example of how fleas move around. In this video, the fleas have infested the fur of a small kitten. Warning, the video is a bit graphic. If you think your cat has fleas, we recommend researching and grabbing a cat flea collar to help provide relief for your feline!

11. This is an image showing the size comparison of a flea (top right) and ticks.

12. This is an image of flea that have been crushed showing the blood left behind.

13. The below image is of a flea laying an egg. The eggs fleas lay are very small and white. They are also resistant to the same pesticides that are used on adult fleas.

14. Here’s another image a little farther our showing what it looks like when a dog is infested with fleas. As you can see, the fleas are very small and black.

15. The next image is of a flea stuck at the bottom of a plastic container. Despite how strong flea legs are, they still aren’t capable of jumping more than 6-12inches (vertically). 

16. The next picture illustrates what fleas look like but then also shows “flea dirt”. Flea dirt is another name for flea feces or the digested blood from a flea after a blood meal.

17. Here’s an interesting video we found of a pile of fleas in the basement of a homeowner! This particular homeowner had a cat that was providing food for the flea infestation.

18. Here’s another video showing fleas climbing walls after a treatment application. These fleas were actually trying to climb the walls to get away!

19. Here’s another great series of pictures and images from Bayer showing what flea eggs look like as well as the process a flea goes through to lay eggs.

Closing Thoughts

That’s it folks. 19 pictures, images, and videos fleas and their eggs. At this point you should have a good idea of what fleas look like and how to spot them crawling around your home (and on your pet).

If after going through these images and you think you might have an infestation, we highly getting started with removing them! Flea removal can be tedious but they are very beatable!